Falconry at the Woodstock Inn, Vermont

Activities & Rates

Through this site, you have the option of registering for an Introductory or Extended Session on a specific date, or of purchasing a gift certificate for any of these events. All activities are by appointment and are not necessarily private. If you require a private session please purchase a gift certificate, which allows you to indicate the private option at the time of purchase. An additional fee of 25% of your session will be applied.

A non-participant is someone who does not handle a hawk, but may otherwise fully participate in the session.

Please Note: The minimum age for a participant in any session is 8. All sessions are by scheduled appointment.
Introductory Session
45 Minutes
Experience handling and flying of a trained Harris' Hawk, while learning about the special adaptations of raptors, the need for their conservation and the history of falconry.
$95 per participant
$30 per non-participant

Extended Session
90 minutes
Enhance your falconry experience with an additional 45 minutes. A Harris' Hawk will be flown. In addition, participants will fly and handle an owl.
$180 per participant
$50 per non-participant

Owl Experience (Coming Fall 2022)
60 minutes
Get acquainted with our nighttime predators. This unique session will begin with the flying and handling of our Barn Owl. The session will continue with the demonstration and handling of our Burrowing Owl. Finally, we will conclude with a flight display of our Eurasian Eagle Owl.
$180 per participant
$50 per non-participant

Eagle Session
2 hours
Our fullest experience! The session begins with flying and handling of a Harris' Hawk, followed by the demonstration and handling of two additional species. We will conclude with a flight demonstration with our Verreaux's Eagle.

Please call for Eagle Session Scheduling. 802-457-6621
$300 per person

Large Groups | Corporate Events
For large group and corporate event rates and registration, please contact us at falconry@woodstockinn.com or 802-457-6621.

Falconry Package Now available at The Woodstock Inn