Falconry at the Woodstock Inn, Vermont

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates for our WOODSTOCK, VERMONT location

To purchase a gift certificate, please select how many participants and non-participants you would like to include. All activities are by appointment and are not necessarily private. If you require a private session please purchase a gift certificate, which allows you to indicate the private option at the time of purchase. An additional fee of 25% of your session will be applied.

A non-participant is someone who does not handle a hawk, but may otherwise fully participate in the session.
Introductory Session
45 minutes

Experience handling and flying of a trained Harris' Hawk while learning about the special adaptations of raptors and the need for their conservation.
Introductory Session Participants:

Extended Session
90 minutes

Enhance your falconry experience with an additional 45 minutes. In addition to flying a Harris' Hawk, a second raptor species will be flown.

Extended Session Participants:

Eagle Session
2 hours

Experience handling and flying of a trained Harris' Hawk, followed by a falcon lure-flying demonstration. The session continues with flying our Barn Owl to the glove. We conclude with a flight demonstration with our Verreaux's Eagle.

Eagle Session: